Terms & Conditions

October 2020

Terms & conditions

Covering consol shipments worldwide, buying trips,and keeping koi in Japan via Nishikigoi-export.jp.
By placing an order with or buying fish from Nishikigoi-export you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Consol Orders
All orders must reach us at least 10 days before shipment; this is required by Japanese Government Health Certificate Department.

Orders cannot be added to or changed after this 10 day period.

All prices quoted are in European Euro. Any prices quoted in other currencies are approximate only.

All koi remain the property of the breeders or Nishikigoi-export until paid for in full. All payments must be made in European euro to our account in The Netherlands.

Full payments must be made before shipment and reach us at least 5 days before the shipment is sent.

Final consol shipment invoices will include total fish and freight cost in euro.
This includes box charge, Alfish sachet charge, internal transport costs,Japanese airport charges and health certification in Japan.

Freight costs covers most destinations in the world but if additional charges are required. You will be informed and charged for these. Freight charges maychange during the season. You will be
informed if this happens.

Final invoice prices are to destination only, all clearance costs and taxes
at destination are customer’s responsibility.

Prices may change without notice,but when possible these changes will be notified.

Fish numbers in box may change without notice. The quantity indicated on the price list is generally the correct one. However Nishikigoi-export and the breeders reserve the right to change the quantity, particularly during hot weather for the wellbeing of the fish. A charge for cold packs will be added in hot weather.
All fish sizes quoted are in CM and approximate and are measured from head to tip of tail.

All mixes of fish listed in the price list are correct to the best of our knowledge. During the season mixes may vary subject to availability.

Consol codes ordered which are out of stock will be replaced with an alternative unless other wise informed.

Hand Picked Koi on Buying Trips
For hand picked koi, prices charged are for koi only, freight and any other costs will be added as agreed at the time of purchase.

All hand picked koi and the freight charges must be paid in full before koi are shipped to your destination.

Final invoice prices are to destination only, all clearance costs and taxes at destination are customer’s responsibility.
If leaving your koi to grow on in Japan with a breeder there are risks associated with this. Please make sure you are fully aware of these when agreeing to keep your koi in Japan as Nishikigoi-export will not be responsible for any koi while being kept in Japan.

Consol and Hand Picked Koi
By placing an order with or buying fish directly from the breeders via Nishikigoi-export you agree that you understand that fish purchased from the breeders via Nishikigoi-export are done entirely at your own risk. And that Nishikigoi-export can in no way be held responsible for the health and caring of the fish once you have purchased them in Japan, whether leaving them with the breeders to grow on or during shipping or at their final destination, or for the health of existing stocks you may have.

All fish are sold as seen and whilst every effort is made to provide healthy fish, the health of hand picked or consol fish cannot be guaranteed.

Nishikigoi-export recommends isolating new arrivals from existing stocks in separate systems for an adequate period of time.

D.O.A (dead on arrival). Claims must be made within 24 hours of the fish’s arrival. Claims will only be accepted for fish value and not the freight costs. Claims of less than 10% of total fish value will not be considered.

Nishikigoi-export cannot be held responsible for claims and accept no responsibility for loss of fish beyond this point either to new arrivals or existing stocks.

Dead fish should be photographed and kept until discussed with a member of Nishikigoi-export . Failure to do this will void the claim.

Nishikigoi-export cannot guarantee claims as this must be negotiated with each breeder and it will be the breeder’s decision if he replaces the claim. If agreed, claims will be replaced with fish to the same value and shipped at customers cost on the next available shipment to them.

If you cancel a shipment once the order has been processed you will be charged for any costs that have been incurred while dealing with your order.

Please ensure the correct arrival procedures for your fish to ensure a good recovery from their shipment
time. Nishikigoi-export can supply you with recommendations for this.